Meknassy realistic render

Ljabli salim portrait salim ljabli
Final render with color corrections
Ljabli salim portrait no color corrections
Raw render from 3ds max
Ljabli salim small render hdri 1
hdri 1
Ljabli salim crop hdri 1
crop hdri 1
Ljabli salim crop hdri 2
crop hdri 2
Ljabli salim front close
viewport front
Ljabli salim side
viewport side
Ljabli salim wires
viewport wires


Here is what i've been working for quite some time now during my spare time .
It's an imaginary person, the challenge was to sculpt a portrait based on no actual person and try to make it look as realistic as possible . it was very challenging .

I've used Zbrush + 3ds max for modeling ; Mari + photoshop for texturing ; Vray for rendering ; and ornatrix for the hair work .
also used knald for some extra maps .

Some Credit goes to :
TexturingXYZ : for the awesome micro-geometry map
Maxime Roz : for the awesome HDRI
and to all my great friends for their valuable feedback , much appreciated .