Wide Awake (macinnesscott)

Ljabli salim closeup
Zbrush shot
Ljabli salim texture
Zbrush shot
Ljabli salim black
Zbrush shot
Ljabli salim grey
Zbrush shot
Ljabli salim yellow
Zbrush shot
Ljabli salim orange
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Ljabli salim trump 8
unreal engine 4 full body
Ljabli salim expressions
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Ljabli salim credit

Hi everyone,
i want to share a relatively new piece I worked on called 'wide awake' for MacInnes Scott.
fun part is that it was done weeks before elections and here we are now :p.

With my awesome team mates Vimal Kerketta and Lukas Hajka we build a digital version of trump from scratch .
Using reference pictures from the net i was responsible with Vimal to do the likeness of trump, Lukas did the details and his Mojo inside unreal engine to bring trump model to life .
Bit of credit
We started by scanning a guy with a similar age and skin type to Trump. scanning rig was provided and operated by Alexx Henry. then Vimal Kerketta and I took care of the likeness. I have also modeled the body and accessories. hair was done by Airship Studios. and the accurate replica of the oval office was modeled and textured by Joshua Houser. the final scene packaging and polish was done by Richard Hirata

Special thanks for my team mates and Remington Scott for making this happen.