Barack Obama Zbrush (macinnesscott)

Ljabli salim obama sculpt
Zbrush shot
Ljabli salim render color
Zbrush shot
Ljabli salim render grey
Zbrush shot
Ljabli salim render yellow
Zbrush shot
Ljabli salim credit

Hi everyone !
The untold side of the story hehe
Here is something i was working on with my awesome team mates Lukas Hajka and Vimal Kerkettarketta over MacInnes Scott .

With my awesome team mates Vimal Kerketta and Lukas Hajka we build a digital version of Obama from scratch .
Using reference pictures from the net i was responsible with Vimal to do the likeness of Obama, Lukas did the details and his Mojo inside unreal engine to bring Obama model to life .
Check out the last images for credit list :D .