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Barack Obama Zbrush (macinnesscott)

Hi everyone !
The untold side of the story hehe
Here is something i was working on with my awesome team mates Lukas Hajka and Vimal Kerkettarketta over MacInnes Scott .

With my awesome team mates Vimal Kerketta and Lukas Hajka we build a digital version of Obama from scratch .
Using reference pictures from the net i was responsible with Vimal to do the likeness of Obama, Lukas did the details and his Mojo inside unreal engine to bring Obama model to life .
Check out the last images for credit list :D .

Ljabli salim obama sculpt

Zbrush shot

Ljabli salim render color

Zbrush shot

Ljabli salim render grey

Zbrush shot

Ljabli salim render yellow

Zbrush shot

Ljabli salim credit